My journey back to creativity, namely producing art, happened a little over ten years ago. As I reconnected with the creative force of art, beautiful femme forms and creative spirits began to appear. They were avatars, guardian angels, and family to me, representing the glorious feminine, goddess spirit and wise lady sage. And as they emerged, I realised they connected not only to me, but to a beautiful group of women ‘out there’. They became emblems of creativity and strength, and something greater than myself.

I have always loved fashion’s ability to transform and transcend. It’s like playing dress-up as a child, or fairy-tale stories of the transformation of ugly duckling to swan. At its best, fashion is an expression of who we are, what we stand for, and who we want to be. Even those who don’t subscribe to it, inevitably express themselves and their ideas through what they choose to wear.

For me creating a range of wearable art pieces was the next logical step.

The art kimonos are born of several years of heartfelt thought and consideration. It gives me great pleasure to think these silk robes might be worn out to an exquisite dinner or a night at the opera, or simply while swanning around the house, queen of your own domain. Like my art, they celebrate and embody the beauty of the divine femme.

With love, Sarah x